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Integrative Pain Management

Are you trying to optimize your life, but chronic pain keeps getting in the way?


Are you tired of the ‘status quo’ treatment that typical pain clinics offer? 

At Tenacity Health, we offer a fresh, integrative approach to pain management.


Our treatment modalities favor both holistic and Western approaches. We consider sources of inflammation in the body as well as hormone/thyroid balances. We utilize Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) with great success in the right cases. We also look to nutritional therapy and natural supplements specific for pain relief. 


  Please note that if you are looking for opioid management, our provider is highly experienced and skilled at adjusting this class of medications to your greatest benefit, and they certainly play an important role in managing some patients' chronic pain. Also, if you need help tapering off an opioid or transitioning to a different regimen, we can help you achieve this goal. 

New pain patients on a contract with other clinic will require a full record review before we agree to manage your opioids.  

If you are looking for sound, experienced guidance on how to optimize your health and reduce pain in an “outside the box” way, we can be a unique resource for you in treating your chronic pain.

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Tel: 123-456-7890


Tel: 123-456-7890


Tel: 123-456-7890

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