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The notion that human health has taken a nosedive over the last 50 years is no surprise to anyone. The reasons are just as numerous as they are obvious... toxic food, toxic environments, stress, obesity, recreational toxins (smoking, alcohol, other drugs), cultural insomnia, and the degradation of meaningful human relationships - to name a few. So what can we do about it? Most people go to their medical provider hoping for help for their busted metabolism, brain fog, and fatigue. Understandably, they hope their doctor or NP can explain why they feel like garbage and help them right the ship. Your typical Western medicine doctor is more than happy to spend 5 minutes with you and then order a few "routine" tests and prescribe a pill or two for you. Or maybe they just tell you to eat less and exercise and out the door you go. But did they help you reach your goal? Were you able to optimize your health? Are you on a path to increasing your healthspan? Doubtful.

Unfortunately what "main street America" medical providers have to offer you nowadays can be pretty disappointing. Modern medicine was born out of the world wars. This means we are GREAT at traumas and emergencies. However we are typically terrible at wellness, prevention, and health maintenance. Naturopaths, chiropractors and the likes have tended to run circles around allopathic medical providers when it comes to these arenas of wellness. Sadly, they have been made out to be quacks by the establishment people, thus many patients have steered clear. However, allopathic medicine is slowly waking up (s l o w l y) and they are starting to adopt practices long-held and believed in by the "quacks." For example, ever heard of 'leaky-gut'? The wellness community has been talking about this for decades and Western medicine laughed at them all along, stating it was a made-up, imaginary problem. Now 'leaky-gut' is the new buzz word in Western medicine with evidence-based studies being published almost daily. Not so quacky, after all, is it?

So where do I fall in? Well I've always been one to think outside the box, which is why I incorporate integrative and regenerative medicine approaches to the way I practice. I think this is the best way forward for medicine. It is dangerous to say "I ONLY follow Western medicine" or "I ONLY do Eastern medicine." The answer is usually in the middle, right?

Back to what I was saying about those patients caught up in the game of going to their provider only to be offered a couple routine tests and a few pills. That is a perfect example of "Western medicine only" thinking. If you want to really take a look under the hood with someone who will listen and dig and partner with you until we get somewhere, call or email my office. If your condition is beyond my scope, I will be honest with you and refer you to the best of the best for your symptoms. I will not promise you that I can fix all your problems or even any of them, but I can promise you I will give it my best shot and I will be honest. We can reclaim a lot of territory by optimizing your metabolism and hormones and getting you on some really neat, cutting edge treatments custom tailored to your needs and goals. So, are you ready to be a health optimizer?

Ellie Curie NP


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